2017-02-03Mbk 51 MG Street Fighter

Mbk 51 MG Street Fighter

los-angeles-20131213-02388 (1).jpg

SOLD $ 6,000

Mean looking and monster fast Motobecane 50cc Polini h2o 70 mph custom moped ready to blast through the dark streets of downtown LA late at night… if you happen to be awake you might get lucky and enjoy the sound of its screaming 2 stroke motor 15 hp 13,500 rpms.

Los Angeles-20131213-02388

Los Angeles-20131213-02389

Los Angeles-20131213-02390Los Angeles-20131213-02384Los Angeles-20131213-02379Los Angeles-20131213-02380Los Angeles-20131213-02377Los Angeles-20131213-02385

Los Angeles-20131213-02392Los Angeles-20131213-02396

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